I am Martha-Lou Wolff, a senior Voice Dialogue facilitator and trainer. I first experienced Voice Dialogue in 1984 and readily understood that it is a powerful practice that can greatly benefit individuals and transform relationships. Since discovering this work I have continuously studied with Hal and Sidra Stone. I have trained coaches, performers, therapists and spiritual leaders around the world.

At its essence, Voice Dialogue helps us:
- see our habitual ways of being
- discover abilities we have disowned
- begin to hold the tension between opposites so that we have greater choice in life
- gain clarity about interpersonal dynamics
- understand others more completely than we ever imagined possible
- create sustainable relationships, replacing conflict and polarization with reconciliation

When we separate from opposites we open to wisdom about ourself and the world that was previously unavailable to us.

I offer individual sessions, supervision and seminars in person and via Skype worldwide. My The Webinars curriculum integrates the history and theoretical basis of Voice Dialogue, exploration of your personal consciousness process including work with Bonding Patterns, dreams and energetics, and training to become a facilitator.

For more information or an appointment email me